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Five Elements

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Five Elements Kung Fu Academy was established on the Victorian Surf Coast in 2013 by Shifu Adam Martin. It is the product of over 30 years in the martial arts. The Academy has a direct link with Master Liu Deming's Zi Ran Men Kung Fu Academy and the Liu He Ziranmen Academy in Melbourne.

Since 2004, Shifu Adam Martin has trained directly under legendary Master Liu Deming - 5th Generation Lineage Holder
of the
Zi Ran Men Tradition. "It is through Master Liu Deming's incredible skill and guidance that I am able to walk this path.
 I owe my career in the Chinese Martial Arts to him and his teachings.

The Five Elements, or 'Wu Xing' is a central concept of Chinese philosophy that governs natural processes and universal phenomena. The elements have their own distinct

characteristics which can generate, or destroy one another. The scope of the theory ranges from cosmic cycles to the interaction between internal organs.


The "Five Elements" are Metal ( jīn), Water ( shuǐ), Wood ( mù), Fire (huǒ) & Earth ( tǔ) . This order of presentation is known
as the creation cycle or "mutual generation" (xiangsheng 相生) .
Metal enriches Water, Water nourishes Wood, Wood feeds Fire,
Fire produces Earth (ash) and E
produces Metal.

In the destruction cycle or "mutual conquest" (xiangsheng 相勝) Fire melts Metal, Metal chops Wood, Wood breaks up the Earth, Earth muddies Water, Water extinguishes Fire.


Taiji Quan uses the five elements to designate different directions, positions
or footwork patterns. Xing Yi Quan uses the five elements metaphorically to represent five different states of combat.

The number 5 in the Chinese arts ultimately refers to the phase of transformation, development and growth.

Master Liu Deming


Master Liu is the 5th generation inheritor of the Liu He Zi Ran Men lineage. He began his study of Ziran Kung Fu and Qigong in his teens with Master Hong Zheng Fu and later, with the legendary Grandmaster Wan Lai Sheng.


After graduating from Beijing University of Physical Education, Master Liu accepted a teaching post at the famous Shaolin Temple, and then spent 12 years teaching at the

Fujian Institute Of Physical Education. Immigrating to  Australia in the early 90's, Master Liu established the Ziranmen Kung

Fu Academy and taught at the Melbourne University Tai Chi and Wu Shu Club for 10 years . He founded the the Australian
Wu Shu & Tai Chi Practitioners Association (now the WTQA),  lectured at the Victorian College of the arts and is the Head Coach
of Shaolin Temple Wu Shu Training Centre

in Australia. Master Liu now teaches worldwide with disciple students & instructors in Australia, France, Spain
& the Netherlands.
Through his nearly

30 years teaching experience, Master Liu

has come to believe that the state of a persons physical and mental health is

so much more important than any

material properties they may strive for.

Adam Martin


Adam began his training in combative arts at age 8, with his Grandfather - a Naval Commando. At the age of 12 he began formal training in the Japanese martial arts, Goju Kensha & Shotokan. He then began Boxing, Kickboxing & Wing Chun Kung Fu
in Melbourne, which continued after relocating to the UK. S
ubsequently, he began training in Shaolin Kung Fu at the
UK Shaolin Temple.


Adam worked in the hospitality industry for over a decade, running bars and nightclubs

in Australia, the UK and Latin America.

This invariably led him to cross training with security professionals and training in Close Quarter Combatives, giving him
a realistic approach to traditional martial
arts practices.


In 2004 Adam returned to Melbourne and

began training in Zi Ran Men, Cheng Shi Bagua Zhang, Liu He Men, Liu He Tang Lang, Taiji Quan and Ziran Qigong, under Master Liu Deming, 5th Generation Lineage Holder of the Zi Ran Men Tradition.



In 2009 Adam began training in RCI Combatives & Silat, under Luke Holloway, later becoming the Training Development Instructor for RCI Australia. In 2010, Adam was made a Shifu (Instructor) of the Zi Ran Men Kung Fu Academy in Richmond.
In 2011 he was graded to 2nd Duan Black Sash. He taught 
at the ZRM Academy

for over four years. In 2011 Adam certified
in the United States as
a tactical firearms

instructor for DTTC, further developing his capabilities as a combative trainer.


In 2013 Adam founded the Five Elements Academy in Torquay, on the Victorian Surfcoast. 

In 2015 Adam certified as a trainer of Filipino Combatives Global under Tuhon  Felix Cortés

In 2016 Adam was inducted into the Ziranmen Lineage as a 6th Generation Disciple of Master Liu Deming. The Bashi ceremony took place in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China, in the presence of the Ziranmen Elders.

During this time in China, Adam competed at the Xiamen International Martial Arts Competition, winning Gold and Silver

medals for Bagua Zhang. Adam was the

Australian Team Coach at the competition, with all of his students returning home as medal winners, including silver and bronze.

Adam has instructed from beginner to elite level, domestically and internationally, including China, Japan, UK, Thailand, the United States & Mexico. Adam has taught 
Qigong, breathing & meditation at The Australian Ballet, trained active members
Police, Military and Security Services in 

Close Quarters Combat & worked on Film sets instructing Stunt Professionals and Actors in fight choreography, firearms & weapons . 


Adam is a direct student of another legendary Bagua, Xing Yi and Tang Lang Master - Han Yan Wu. He has also studied BJJ under Prof. Daniel Cherubin at DC Jiu Jitsu and currently trains MMA with Bones MMA Team.

Credentials & Experience

•  Zi Ran Men 6th Generation Disciple.

   Black Sash 2nd Duan

   Certified under Master Liu Deming

   Ziran Qigong Master Instructor

•  Gold Medallist - 2016 Xiamen Int Martial
    Arts  Competition - Bagua Zhang

•  Silver Medallist - 2016 Xiamen Int Martial
    Arts Competition - Bagua sword (Jian)

• Han Yan Wu Bagua / Xing Yi

  Australian Team Member 

•  RAW Combat International        

   Training Development Instructor

   RCI Combatives Instructor

   RAW Silat Instructor

   Certified by Luke Holloway

•  Filipino Combatives Global  Trainer

   Certified under Tuhon Felix Cortéz 2015

• Double Tap Training Centre

   Tactical Firearms Instructor

   Certified by Simon Cruz Jr 2011


• Wushu Tai Chi Practitioners of Australia

    Certified Instructor & Member

 Melbourne University

   Bachelor of Science (BSc) 2000

•  National Coaching & Accreditation

   Scheme Level 1

•  Cert IV TAE -

   Australian Security Academy

•  Working with Children

   Card Holder

•  Level 2 First Aid Certified

• PADI Certified Open Water Diver

• Driver Dynamics Level 2

  Advanced Driving Certified

• Film Credit - Weapons Trainer -
   The Whistleblower (2019)

• Film Credit - Fight Choreographer -
  Darklands (2021)

• Film Credit - Fight Choreographer -
  Shantaram (2021)

• Film Credit - Safety Diver -
  Force of Nature (2022)

Jae Fahroedin


Jae Fahroedin began his martial arts training when the Academy opened in 2013. Since that time he has become an Apprentice of the Academy, focusing on Ziranmen, Bagua, Sanda and Combatives.

Part of the team responsible for training and developing new students, Jae travelled to China to further his studies in Bagua Zhang and Xing Yi Quan, learning directly from Master Han Yan Wu.

Currently studying a Bachelor's Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jae brings a well rounded approach to martial arts backed by the knowledge, skills and aptitude of an instructor beyond his years.

Jane McArthur


Jane has been a dedicated student of Chinese marital arts for over 8 years, having trained at the 5 Elements for over 4 years. She has trained Ziranmen, Liu He Men, Sanda, Bagua Zhang, Xing Yi, Tai Ji (Wudang 28 and Beijing 24) and Qi Gong with Adam and many other gifted teachers including: Master Liu Deming, Master Han Yanwu, Jeff Reid, GM Yuan Xiu Gang, Le Le Wang Burns and Michael Wong.
Jane has graded to level 4 Ziranmen at the 5 Elements Academy and holds a level 1 teacher certificate from Master Liu Deming.

Throughout her life, movement and physical training has been a constant. She started dance training at the age of 6, achieving advanced level honours in classical ballet,
and World Championship placements in Scottish highland dancing.

After competitive dancing, she was a Pilates instructor for a short time before becoming inspired by Chinese martial arts.


Throughout her life, movement and physical training has been a constant. She started dance training at the age of 6, achieving advanced level honours in classical ballet,and World Championship placements in Scottish highland dancing. After competitive dancing, she was a pilates instructor for ashort time before becoming inspired by Chinese martial arts. Carrying some chronic injuries as a result of her dance career, she was drawn to the restorative and rehabilitation potential of Chinese martial arts training (not only of the body, but of
the mind and spirit), after experiencing it first hand.

As a physical method to train and embody the supporting Taoist philosophies of Taiji (Yin/Yang theory) and 5 Elements Theory, she recognised the Chinese martial arts provide a wholistic framework for developing strength, suppleness and agility across body, mind and spirit, not to mention the potential to acquire valuable self-defence skills and knowledge of Chinese medicine and diet.


Since beginning study, the Chinese martial arts keeps opening doors for her, offering new challenges and new opportunities for personal and physical development. Jane  loves to share what she has learnt so far.

Lisa Schuppe


Lisa has trained Ziranmen Kung Fu and Cheng style Bagua Zhang at the Five Elements Kung Fu Academy since the Academy was founded in 2013.

In 2014 Lisa travelled to China to train Bagua Zhang with Master Han Yan Wu, the preeminent Bagua practitioner of Beijing. During this trip Lisa travelled to the Shaolin Temple ,the birthplace of Kung Fu, training directly with Master Qin Guang Cheng of the Shaolin Temple Wushu Training Centre.

Lisa travelled to China again in 2016, with her Five Elements team mates to compete in


the International Xiamen Martial Arts Competition.

Lisa competed in two events; an open form demonstration of Liu He Ying Yong and Liu He Gung Shu – staff form. She was successful in obtaining a Bronze medal for the Liu He Ying Yong form. Lisa has continued to practice and been lucky enough to train under Master Han on his visits to Melbourne.

This has culminated in becoming a member of Master Han’s International training program.

Master Han is the leading practitioner of Cheng style Bagua Zhang in China and has disciples worldwide.  Lisa has trained under some of the best marial arts practitioners in Australia and China. Master Liu Deming: Ziranmen, Bagua and Qi gong, Master Tang Lai Wei: Tai Chi and Master Yuan Xiu Gang, Wudang Tai Chi. Lisa holds a Working With Children Card, Level 1 First Aid and teaches the foundations of Cheng style Bagua in Birregurra. Further information about her classes can be found here.

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